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Whether homemade ice-cream, dom-waffels, cinnamon-dömchen or dom-stollen – our team is renown for their specialties both in Cologne and further afield.

Our menus

Here you can browse through our food and drink menus for the Café Cologne locations in Schildergasse and Neumarkt.

For You

Whether wedding cake or a creation for your company event – our master confectioners create exclusive specialties according to your wishes.

Handmade Decor Cakes

The ideal surprise for birthday parties, company jubilees, or celebrations. Get yourself inspired by our creative decor cake designs or just provide us with your topics, motifs and logos – our team will make sure to deliver amazing results based on your individual requirements.

dom-pralinen 9er

Original Cologne Cathedral Chocolate Collection

We are producing the finest handmade products in Cologne.

From € 5.00